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Product Name : Self Confidence Mastery ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Product Description : [Self Confidence Mastery] is a package that consists of the following materials which you can use it to build your subscriber list or resell it at your own website. These are the lists inside this package. Module 1 - Ebook - Inside this folder contain one ebook. Module 2 - Checklist - A simple checklist that guide you what to do in a proper sequence. Module 3 - Resource Cheat Sheet - A cheat sheet that will save you time and give you a head start within this field. Module 4 - Minisite - A simple sales page which you can edit by your own. Module 5 - Advertising Banners - There are various banners to your advertising purpose. Module 6 - Source Graphic - Inside this folder contain various of e-covers which you can use for. (Same design). Module